Sarge, the Bourbon Red

Wow. Lots of news.

David had complete shoulder replacement surgery the morning of May 8th. They released him from the hospital about midday on May 9. One week later (today), he’s doing extremely well, I think. Well, even his primary care doctor thinks he’s doing extremely well.

So good for David.

The other news is that we will be closing on our  Deming property on June 5. We are really looking forward to that event. By Jan 1, 2019, we will have relocated to our Deming property. We are really excited to get moved into the new property.  If you are interested in leasing our house here in Mesilla Park, come talk to us. It should be available for lease around October or November.

David has sold all of the 225 laying hens that he had just a few months ago. Even the cages are gone. The turkeys, however, are producing like crazy. So far, David has about 45 turkey poults in the garrison. And they are  big, fat babies, too.

The big (adult) turkeys are sold — the ones that produced all the wonderful, viable eggs.

Right now we are concentrating on acquiring and growing the plants that we can  propagate in our new location. There are more than we thought there would be. So far, we have chardonnay and flame grapes, two varieties of elder berries, six figs (Brown Turkey, Violet de Bordeaux, Magnolia, Improved Celeste and LSU Purple), fruiting and non-fruiting mulberry and lots of Wonderful and Granada pomegranates. Also, pink double crepe myrtle, globe willow and heavenly bamboo (Nandina).

So things are moving along.

Have a prosperous summer.