Queen D Ranch

Queen D RanchIt’s been a while but we the site is finally back up and running. It’s been a long haul.

Everything started to slide downhill with our original hosting server, Hostmonster.com. They became absolutely inundated with malware and queendranch.com became one of the casualties. We spent months trying to clean it up and just finally gave up. The bad guys were winning.

So we moved the hosting service to Arvixe.com. That service, unbeknownst to us, was as bad if not worse than Hostmonster.com. After rebuilding the site at Arvixe.com, we again, lost it to malware.

We started a new site, qdrsupply.com, to market some of the merchandise that we sell and set it up on a new service, NameCheap.com. After almost a year, NameCheap.com has been not only extremely dependable, but extrememly clean. Thank goodness.

So much has happened since we were last online. The cattle are gone and in the freezer. The sheep are all gone except one ewe, Yoli. She’s the one that spent the first four months of her life living in our family room because she broke her right front leg almost off about half an hour after she was born. She’s kinda special so she stays. She now has three new roommates: Abby, a Nubian (or at least part Nubian) goat and her two kids, Bella and Pickles.

Yoli’s not too happy about her new acquaintences but she tolerates them. We got the goats to help with the overwhelming weed problem and they are doing a good job.

The three mares, Sophie, Kiki and Lena, are still here. Sophie is 22 years old this year and her arthritis is getting pretty bad. But she’s in good spirits and gets around okay. If you know of a home where Sophie would get some petting and brushing, we would be willing to consider giving her a new home. She is pretty much as kid safe as a horse gets. She has had kids crawling all over her (literally) at our horse camps and actually seems to like the attention. She loads, is good with her feet and probably could be ridden around the yard by light riders.

David is working to reduce the chicken and turkey population. And he has all ages available from new hatches at $5 each to pullets that just started laying this week for $15 each and good production laying hens at $25 each. He also has a few handsome roosters, too. Two or three hen turkeys are available at $75 each. Both of the turkey hens are mature and laid pretty well this past summer.

It’s good to be back.