Dave Shooting

David and I went shooting Friday morning at the Butterfield Range. It was really fun. The weather was perfect. We went as early as we could so there weren’t too many people there. However, there were quite a few more people than I thought there was going to be.

The range is wonderful. It is a Las Cruces City Park managed by the Picacho Gun Club. The gun club does one heck of a job. Lots of space and set up perfectly for easy access by any type of vehicle. There are bunkers of varying sizes so you can practice long or short range.

David made a nice set of targets on stands and they worked very well.

We have a Sig Sauer 9MM, a Ruger .22 and a sweet little Marlin Model 60 rifle. Although we share, the .22’s are kind of “mine” while the Sig seems to be David’s. We also have a couple of air pistols and rifles that are also fun to shoot, especially the M14 rifle. We can target practice with the BB/pellet guns in the back yard backed by the brick wall. Not as fun as the range but skipping the 20 miles to the range is a big plus.

Here’s some video of our shooting practice with the 9MM.